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Interactive guide to the plants
of M. Valerio (Trieste)

P.L. Nimis, S. Martellos
L. Poldini
Images by A. Moro

M. Valerio, a small hill close to the main buildings of the Dept. of Biology of the University of Trieste, is part of the Botanical Garden of the University. Along its nature trail there is an interesting example of vegetation on Flysch. This guide is an interactive identification key, automatically generated by the software FRIDA, developed by S. Martellos and patented by the University of Trieste in the framework of the Dryades project. Data derive from the database on the vascular flora of Italy by Prof. P.L. Nimis. The basic floristic list, by Dr. F. Martini, was updated by Prof. P.L. Nimis and Prof. L. Poldini. Nomenclature follows Poldini et al. (2001)

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