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A guide to common epiphytic macrolichens
of Armenia

Arsen Gasparyan, Pier Luigi Nimis
Images by Various Authors, from the archive of ITALIC (species). Images of characters by Andrea Moro

This identification key includes 51 species of common epiphytic macrolichens of Armenia, occurring in the temperate forests of Northern Armenia and in open, arid woodlands in the South of the Country. The guide was designed for educational, research and ecotourism purposes and includes an illustraded and annotated dichotomous key, which is also available on mobile devices (iOS and Android) via the App KeyToNature. The key has been created using program FRIDA (Martellos 2010, Martellos & Nimis 2015) at the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste (Italy) in cooperation with the Young Biologists Association NGO (Armenia), in the framework of the Project Lichen Conservation and Education Initiative in Armenia, supported by the Rufford Foundation.


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