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Click and Fish – An interactive guide
to the fishes of the Lagoon of Venice (N Italy)

Elisa Cenci
Images by AA.VV.

The Northern Adriatic Sea is extraordinarily rich in resources: the long beaches, the different habitats, from estuaries to lagoons, and the marked abundance of fish have always played a central role in the culture and traditions of coastal populations. This interactive guide allows the identification of the fishes inhabiting and visiting the Venice Lagoon, the largest of the Northern Adriatic and, certainly, an environment of great naturalistic relevance and interest. Including not only pure resident fish such as seahorse, mullet, pipefish and others, the guide includes more than 100 fish species (Franzoi et al., 2010; Franco et al., 2004, 2005, 2006). The guide, which will soon be available as an App for smartphones and tablets, was conceived as an educational tool for local schools and as an aid to those who visit the Lagoon (field guides, sea amateur and passionate, recreational fishermen, divers and tourists). The guide has been prepared as part of Project SIIT-Interactive tools for the identification of biodiversity: an educational project in a transborder area, funded under the Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013, by the European Regional Development Fund and by national funds. The author, belonging to the Department of Biology of the University of Padova, thanks the Department of Life Sciences (University of Trieste) and in particular Prof. P. L. Nimis for the useful tips to improve the effectiveness of the guide and Dr. S. Martellos for technical assistance. A special thanks goes to the talented authors of underwater photos shown in the guide for their skill, patience and willingness: Luca Boscain, Francesco Chiaromonte, Alessandro Duci, Steve Huskey, Laguna Project, Sacha Lobenstein, Gianfranco Mazza, Roberto Pillon, Federica Poli, Ferdinando Quaranta, Alessandro Raho, Emilio Riginella, Giancarlo Sambo, and Sub Rimini “Gianni Neri”.


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