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A guide to common
trees and shrubs of France
Tela Botanica

Daniel Mathieu, Pier Luigi Nimis
Images by Andrea Moro

This key to trees and shrubs of France was prepared – in collaboration with the European Project KeyToNature, coordinated by the University of Trieste - as an aid for identifying the main woody plants of France. It includes 155 taxa comprising a selection of trees and tall shrubs found in France, both in the wild and in parks. Excluded are rare trees found in botanical gardens, trees growing in inaccessible environments (mountains) or very uncommon species, as well as shrubs and small suffrutescent plants (such as cysts or rosemary). Our key includes 139 angiosperms and 16 gymnosperms. The list was compiled based on a selection from the three volumes of the ‘flore forestière française’ by C. Rameau, D. Mansion, G. Dumé, C. Gauberville, published by the l’Institut du Développement Forestier (IDF) between 1989 and 2008, and was supplemented by some introduced trees described in the projects ‘Pl @ ntScan’ and Observatory and ‘Observatoire des saisons’.

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